Sweet Love

Well I knocked out two Alexa Riley stories in a day. Paying Daddy’s Debt will be featured tomorrow so come back for some more dirty sweet love. I’m not sugar coating it, this one is all sorts of naughty and wrong. You will probably roll your eyes reading it but if you love the sassy smutty reads once in a while, then this cute short story is for you. I bought it and also got to read Coach at the end of the book. I only reviewed Untouched, but you can get two for one (there’s a joke there I’m sure 😎).

While this story is sweet it is also over the top instalove and full of dirty dirty things. I think someone needs a bath…..(snicker). If you need a pick me up though in the HEA department and a fairy tale love, grab this book and snuggle in the covers for a steamy read.

Okay this was a 4 for me because it was so short IMO. Granted I know AR works quick but I wanted more with this. It was fast paced and all about getting the girl and making babies. It was syrupy sweet and filled with so much fluff you would suffocate. I almost felt like I read a bit of a twist on beauty and the beast because Alexander had the scar and Liliana was in the castle. She saved him, he saved her, they made babies, the end.
Again if you don’t know AR then this might not be for you. But if you live on the naughty side then dive in to this dark dirty secret of a read.

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