First Love

This is the second full story in The Good Guys series and I was so excited to read about Colton. I’m glad we got to see more into his life after meeting him in Trucker. He has a great personality but is struggling with some embarrassment. I would have never thought to give him the issues the author did, but it made for some humorous moments and epic fireworks.
This story covers two characters that have an indestructible bond from the past. The moments where Colton dreamed were so touching. I might of had a speck of dust in my eye. That said, I KNOW I had tears from laughing so hard when a key got lost.

Brielle is a fun character. I like how her circumstances didn’t define her. I also was impressed how the author played her strengths and weaknesses like a symphony. She not only had to overcome a stigma of society but had to battle internal fears and demons along the way. The dynamics she and Colton had played against each other in a way that had me laughing, swooning, and sighing all at once.

Again I was really impressed with how these young characters were portrayed. I can’t get over it. I honestly think this series is one of the best with young couples. Just the maturity and wisdom was unlike any other story I’ve read. They’ve been through some rough things and were only built up to come out stronger on the end. The author also had a way with even making the adults come to terms with things. When Hank apologized…well it was a humble slice of pie that an adult can admit when their wrong to their kid. Jamie will be an author on my watch list so that I can find her next release and devour it in the same fashion as these. I really hope you check her stories out. If you want HEA, laughing, some conflict, but all around wholesome good read please grab a copy of the stories. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Well the second in this series did not disappoint. We got to return to the small town and watch as Colton found his way. Travis and Angel are present as well and it brings the whole family together again reading the journey of love.
I loved how Colton’s feelings were conveyed throughout the story. You could almost reach out and touch his desperation at times. It made you want to hug him and never let go. He fought to the end for his love in such a way that you want your son to grow up that strong.
Brielle was a sweet character. I loved the strength in family. This was so refreshing to find a heroine have the undeniable love and support from her family.
I am so pleased I found this author. She’s made her stories have depth, strength, love, trust and perfect HEA’s for them. I couldn’t put them down.

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