Random snippets

Here is some random musings from my mind. I’m not sure where it all fits in but just wanted to write about it.

Standing in line waiting for the signature I can’t imagine what I’m going to say. I love that this is my first signing event but hate people. I just don’t like the claustrophobic feeling with this many people in a ballroom. I’m strategically locating the exits and mapping out my escape plan as I wait. Maybe this was a bad idea to come here. I just wanted to attend one and meet some of my favorite authors. It’s cool to see their personalities in real life compared to the virtual image on the web. Now my thoughts are rambling all over the place. UGH, I need to have a drink. This line is longer than most others, I guess everyone wants a chance at meeting the hot cover model. I shake my head, I’m just as bad I guess wanting his autograph on a book cover and a picture taken with him. I tell myself I’m doing it for my blog to highlight the author signing event but even I can’t deny the man is good looking. It’s finally my turn, I didn’t realize but I’m hugging the book to my chest with my left hand while the rest are in my tote over my shoulder.  I shake his hand and ask if he would sign the cover and take a picture. He smirks at me and replies, “there won’t be any angry spouse coming after me if I do the picture with you?” I furrow my brow and reply “no, there isn’t any angry spouse, there isn’t any spouse” I say much quieter. Seriously who does he think he is, I mean yeah he’s hot, but what an odd response. Shaking it off I take my book and ask the girl behind me to snap the picture for me. When he puts his arm around my shoulder he whispers in my ear “your lying, your left finger shows a spouse even if you aren’t wearing any ring.” Shocked and miffed by this, I set the book down on the table, grab my phone and say “never mind, I don’t want my picture with an asshole sticking his nose in something he knows nothing about.” I walk off to one of the exits I strategically located from earlier. I need to get out of here. This was such a bad idea, it’s way too soon for me to have thought I could have some fun. Suffocating I head up to my room to get my running gear.


What the hell just happened I think, she was hot, but I was just harassing her. It was obvious she has someone. You can’t hide the indent that was on her left ring finger, nor could you hide the diamond on her right hand. Guess she didn’t want to leave it in the hotel room. Shaking off the weird encounter I smile at the girl that was behind the brunette beauty. She is looking at me like I pissed her off too. I ask her name and shake her hand. She replies but not with what I was expecting. “Not that you seem to care, but I heard her talking to an author about losing her husband last month. I guess the author knew her pretty well because when she said her name and went to shake her hand the author immediately hugged her and said she was so sorry for her loss.” GREAT. Now I feel like an asshole. “Look I’m sorry, it was an ass move from me but she just seemed like a flirt type and just looking for a hookup.” The girl really rolls her eyes at me and says, “you are such an idiot. She didn’t act like that, she just wanted your signature as a fan, honestly now I don’t even want your signature. You know what they say when you assume something?” She punctuates that point with arching her eyebrow at me. “Okay, fine, I’m an asshole, what author was she talking to? I’d like to find her so I can apologize for being an idiot and assuming something.” Judging my sincerity, she tells me the authors name but doesn’t tell me the brunettes name. Sighing I finish the signing asking one of the attendants to have Kara, the author, to find me when she’s done her signing.
The signing just ended and we have about 2 hours before dinner and the after party. I’m hoping that brunette will be there although with it being a costume party, I might not recognize her. I’m packing up my booth when I notice Kara walking over with JP. I REALLY don’t want to grovel with my tail between my legs in front of him. He won’t let me live it down, always saying I’m an ass of epic proportions. I think my ass is of perfect proportion. “What the hell did you do now,” JP asks. Kara eyes me and is waiting for my response. I recount the story and JP is laughing that I lost two fans while Kara looks like she is going to castrate me. Shit. “Can you help me out Kara, I just want to apologize.” Kara goes to say something but Carmen comes over before she can speak. “I’m so glad that’s over, I’m ready to unwind at the after party,” Carmen says. Kara looks at me, “if I see her at the after party, I’ll help you out, but I’m not giving away any of her info without talking to her first.” I agree to that and we all walk out of the ballroom to go change for dinner and the after party.
We don’t get very far and are hanging in the lobby’s sitting area with some fans that obviously didn’t get tickets to the after party. I’m scanning the crowd but don’t see her, I don’t know why I’m looking for her. I excuse myself to go change. As I do, JP follows me and is razzing me for my screw up. I really do feel badly about how I acted, I was just so tired of being hit on at these signings. Sometimes it’s nice to snag a fan for some extra curricular fun, but I just wasn’t in the mood for it here. Maybe I read her wrong from the get go but I couldn’t ignore her mini jean skirt, grey tights, black boots and a blue shirt where one shoulder was exposed. I could make out her collar bone and that blue just made her eyes pop that much more. JP nudges me because I didn’t answer him. He looks at me with an eye roll “is that the girl? She’s been glaring at you as you got closer.” Following his line of sight I see it’s the chick that was behind the brunette beauty. I wonder what she’s doing standing outside of that small conference room. What I see takes my breath away. It’s the brunette and she’s dancing, angrily, to a song. I’m actually moved by watching her get out her emotions like this. When it ends, she just stands there for a moment and I’m frozen in my spot waiting for her to turn around.

peace out girl scouts


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