Hitchhiker in Love

I found this book because it came in the Alexa Riley newsletter. It said it was a free read, so I thought I would check it out. I was in the mood for some feel good HEA after my heavier reads this past week. Normally I’m leery of books with such young characters (late teens/early 20’s) BUT this was really well done! I was even telling my Mom last night how impressed I was with the characters. While they had fun going out, there was no drinking & driving, obnoxious immaturity, or pointless drama. It was so refreshing to have that in a story. While Angel was a little lost and had some crazy circumstances, she was genuinely a great person and kinder than anyone. She didn’t wallow in a pity party but instead dusted herself off and grabbed life by the unicorn horn.


Beverly was a riot in this story. I couldn’t stop laughing and enjoying this character. How the author weaved in this woman and Angel was fantastic. I loved the small town charm and compassion everyone had for each other and their community. The author gave each character such life and personality. It was touching how this small town made a dysfunctional family work. Kendra and Tara should follow the sign below though because I hope karma came and took them down a peg.

If you are looking for a cute HEA read then check this book out. I really enjoyed it and it made me sigh and swoon for these young adults that learned a lot about life the hard way.

What a cute sweet story. I was thinking it would be a fun quick read and it did not disappoint. There was lots of love, hugs, and laughter. I enjoyed how light it was yet there was some deep underlying topics. I think the author did a great job of weaving the tale in a short time. Time elapsed but it didn’t feel out of place.
Angel has had a string of bad events happen. Instead of wallowing she takes life by the unicorn horn to find home. I love how her journey took an unexpected turn and gave her what she longed for without her even realizing it. Part of me really wanted more about her Mom but I understood the need for it to be short. I also then really wanted more in the relationship of Travis’ Mom and Angel. It just made me want to hug the sweet girl and never let her go. I found my self telling her in my head she was home all along.
Travis is a gentleman through and through. He just offered such strength, comfort, and unconditional love to Angel. You could sense how his need to have her overtook everything else in his mind. He wanted it all with her.
I liked how in the end she found herself growing up. This is a young aged romance but the author (IMO) made them mature by not just giving in and still finding a future together but independently and bettering themselves along the way.
Beverly and Ernie are perfect in this story. The comedic timing is just what you needed to lighten some of the heavier feelings. I hope we see them again.
If you are looking for a cute read that will leave you smiling and sighing then this is totally for you. I definitely recommend it. It made me all warm and squishy with wonderful feelings. 💖💖💖

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