Fate of love

So previously I reviewed a short story by this author. I was excited for this story as the blurb sounded fantastic. Well, Anna Brooks did NOT disappoint in my book. She wrote a stunning suspenseful romance that had me nervous and anxious for the Hero and Heroine.  I am also holding out hope that there will be more books in this series. I really want Jay and Erick to have a turn because…Polly?!?!?!😦😳 Also, what’s with Jay???

Okay now that those things are out of the way, this story was really well done. The main plots and subplots of both characters were closed up. There was enough open to leave you with some questions about the secondary characters but nothing that will leave you hanging (unless you’re me, see above LOL). The topics covered are heavy but done in a way that doesn’t discount how they affect the characters on their journey together. I like that the physical romance was at a minimum given what the H/h have to overcome. Their journey is not a rushed one and I like how acceptance is given so freely. It really tugs at you and pulls you under as you become the biggest cheerleader for the two of them, not just as a couple, but as an individual.

Favorite Quote:
“This heart, whose pieces are put back together, is mine to love and cherish and protect.”

This was a suspenseful tale of love and heroics. The author did a marvelous job capturing the strengths and vulnerabilities of both characters. I could not put this down but also wanted to because she had me so anxious for the both of them. The depth to which she drew you in was so strong that you couldn’t do anything but turn the page and bite your nails awaiting the outcome.
Millie – what depth this author created in her. I couldn’t fathom all that was going through her head but the author covered it so well I didn’t have to wonder. She made Millie have the vulnerability but gave her such inner strength it had me rooting for her the entire story. All that she went through and overcame!!!! I also liked how it wasn’t a quick fix. The author took her time to bring them to a place that was physically attached. I think that just strengthened the two of them in their emotional bond that they overcame their demons together.
Smith – yeah he was such a unique character. He had secrets that were sealed up tighter than Fort Knox. He was powerful, protective, strong, admirable, and true. Bringing out such goodness in Millie made me love him as a character. I couldn’t get enough. I want to know if the car ever works 😆
The secondary characters added to the suspense and pasts of both leads. I really hope there is more because Jay and Erick need their chance to tell their story.
If you like suspense and thrillers then grab this story. It will keep you on your toes and cheering for the H/h as they fight to the death for love.

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