Devil needs his

The devil works to get his due in this Chelsea Camaron MC series. I was so excited that the second in this series was out. It released last week and I finally was able to sit down and read it. I actually tweeted to Chelsea saying she was making me anxious for Hadley and Owen had better get to her in time (I believe I also mentioned the devil getting what’s his too 😉.) This is a bit different than other MC’s because these are nomads, so they don’t really have a clubhouse and rules. I really like how Chelsea took the time to explain the dynamics and how X viewed their nomadic club and leadership. It is a beast of it’s own and while different, I found it exciting and unique. I do have one question about the marker and am wondering if I’m guessing right that it was made even in Conquering????? See I’m all about the full circle and wonder where that takes place amidst the overlapping stories. 😆.

What a fantastic read full of surprises, twists, turns, love, strength, trust and bravery. You could read this as a standalone, but I would not turn you away from the series, it is worth starting the journey from the beginning. I need more words than I can type to say how amazing it was. Working Sonny into the story and what she did for Hadley just melted my heart. Also Cameron Linn was a great secondary character that I hope we keep in touch with throughout the series, even if it’s just a nod at how she’s doing after everything. Trapper…*cough*cough*….I’m going to need his story like yesterday Chelsea 😉. You have me wondering all sorts of things with his layers and such. Judge can wait HAHA. This was an emotional journey for Hadley and Owen but one that I think solidified the two of them in a way that the devil himself won’t be able destroy. So sit back, grab some coffee (or wine) and scroll through my take on this story.

Some favorite quotes:
“I don’t care how it happens, Owen, or when, just as long as I’m yours and you’re mine.”
“…always believe in love.”
“I thought we needed to remind you that home is a place of beauty. It is where justice was served. You have learned a lesson in faith in both yourself and your man.”
“Gotta keep hope.”

I was so excited that the second in this MC was out. I couldn’t put it down and read it in a day. This story can be read as stand alone but I wouldn’t recommend it. They are just too phenomenal to not read from the beginning. We get the mind-blowing tale of Owen and Hadley in this story. The author did a superb job of covering their pasts as the story unfolded. You didn’t get it all at once which worked well in the flow of the novel. Each layer was peeled back divulging a new and heartbreaking course of events that I could have never expected the outcome. Don’t worry it’s a HEA but what a ride to get there.
Owen – has been on his own for so long that the one good thing he thought was dead is now haunting him. The twisted series of events has him battling an unknown foe that will require him to bring the devil calling to the door for revenge and justice.
Hadley – her light even in the darkness shines so brightly. She became a beacon for Owen, floating in a sea of danger and calling him to save her. I liked how the author had her battle the demons and scars of her life. She did so in a way that you didn’t feel like it was rushed that she didn’t just immediately bounce back. She fought and won the war against an adversary that was evil.
This is an extremely suspenseful story and if you have triggers be warned. There is a lot of imagery and detail in the battle for Hadley and Owen’s justice. That said it was marvelously done and I couldn’t put this down. I’m excited for the third installment.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, stalk her here 😎:

Also, be on the lookout for my review of Coal which comes out at the end of the month.

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