Alien Explorer

Okay so I’m fairly new to the alien romance world. I’ve read a few and have not been completely sold on the realm of this romance subcategory. That said, I enjoyed Thanika’s take on the shifter world and was eager to see how she made the alien world of Firosa come alive. I really enjoyed the story. So much that I actually emailed the author to say “hey you did a great job”. While there was some romance involved it more told a story of two people matched together as compatible to mate and how they helped to bring hope to Firosa.

Always happy to see when an author I enjoy has written a new story. I was eager to jump into the alien world of Firosa. Basically we begin with a little bit of a back story on why Earth is now subject to aliens and females being taken for brides. We meet our heroine who has had such a time with life that anything has to be better than being a doormat. When she is selected as a match, she must leave it all behind to head to Firosa.
Cara was a well written heroine. She had a past that I think made her stronger and it wasn’t a complete pity her past, but one of a girl that finally says “I’ve had enough”. When she lands on Firosa, there are so many things to take in. I LOVED how she wasn’t a crying, sobbing, hot mess. She was an explorer in a new world. She blossomed into a secure woman that was capable of changing things for the better. It was a little mystical and heartwarming how her love story unfolded.
Wrax is a warrior and so strong as a hero of the novel. He is selfless and figured out early on that Cara could bring him to his knees. There was nothing he wouldn’t do for her. He is a warrior with a heart of gold.
There was some suspense and surprises, although a smart reader can deduce which character was involved from early on, it was still exciting as the battle came to it’s climax. I also have to say I really liked the ending. It was perfect for the h/H in this story and I honestly don’t think I would’ve liked it any other way. All this said, I REALLY want more of their story. While a short read, it captured my attention from the get go and I didn’t want it to end.

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