Obsessed with Love

So this is the first story by Cora Kenborn and it was thrust at me by a friend, well probably not thrust, I actually think it was a GR recommendation from her. I also got to chat with Cora in her FB group and while I procrastinated, I knew I would get around to reading her debut novel.
I feel like the above describes how I felt about this book. You’re going to suffer as you read but be happy in the end. I really liked how she finished it. The HFN was a good stopping point and did not make me feel like it was so over the top unrealistic.
If you are a fan of suspenseful rockstar romances, then you need to check this one out. If it’s new to you, that’s great because the second is set to release in March, so not long to wait out that HFN ending.
This is how I felt reading this book. Honestly I had to stop at 40% because I just felt a lot of the banter back and forth was so immature it frustrated me. That said, I did finish it and enjoyed the suspense aspect of it. While I’m not OLD, I am older than the mid-twenty age of the characters, so some of the things they did or ways they emotionally acted drove me nuts.

I’m going to get the particulars out of the way first. This was a 4 for me because I could put it down. For the first 40% I was bored still intrigued to find out who the stalker was but very bored at first and I can’t tell you why. Once you hit about 45-50% it picked up and moved at a lightening fast pace. It was hard to keep up but didn’t fully distract from the story.
So the stalker – I had my suspicion on whom it was and honestly I was wrong (thankfully so you don’t want to know what I thought). How that came about was a shocker.
The past – somehow I feel like more should have been covered on some areas. I have so many questions about her sister and maybe we will find out in the next book.
The characters:
Phoebe – I have to remind myself she’s 22-23 in this story. If I don’t, I want to smack her. I guess that’s how a young 20 something would act in certain situations that arose in the story but I was like 🙄 for some of her actions. The surprise yeah I saw that happening a mile away. It’s okay but it wasn’t a shocker. Her past had definitely held her captive for a long time and she did grow and start to overcome some of it. I’m worried about the second story that she will not continue to be stronger but succumb to her weaknesses. I did like how she seemed real with the anxiety and depression. It wasn’t something that she brushed over and you could tell with the characters mood swings and actions. She wasn’t sure how to be emotional and functionally stable. She had a lot of depth with that respect. Julian – well he’s what I would expect from a rocker star character. He’s jaded and guarded. I liked how his dialogue made him go WTH with Phoebe’s actions and what she was saying most of the time. I also like how he showed her that her insecurities and past made her beautiful, brave, and selfless. He really was superbly written.
The band – Zane, I can’t wait to see him fall hard in love. Ty, I want his story. It’s often the secondary characters that get you and he spoke to me as a reader. I feel like he had a lot to say. Tanna, the quiet mouse to me.
Gage – yeah he can have a story *cough cough* Cora 😘. The whole ohana might have put dust in my eye.
Helena – can she eat some humble pie. I really loathed her.
Overall it was a good start for a suspenseful romance series. I will be on the lookout for the second to see how their life plays out.

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