One Plus

So M.N. is not a new author for me. I have been a fan of her MC writing since I discovered her. She was also my first fighter romance read (Love Tap) and I really enjoyed that story. So before my FB exit, I was in her Little Devil’s group and excited to see she was writing a romantic comedy. I was also interested to see how she penned the lead male because, lets face it, they are different from the MC alphas 😎. No less sexy, just different. She blew my fears away and created the smirking prince Max. He was a well written character with depth, feelings (which he’s a guy so he hid them), and personality that made you want to smack the smirk off his face. I seriously HOPE she writes more as she created a fun world full of humiliation, laughter, antics, and love. So I leave you with banana puppies and slides before you slide into my review.

They say when a door closes a window opens. Little did Rae know that this window would lead her on a road to finding mister right. While the road to love is paved with bananas and fears of heights the ending was no less sweet.
So when I started to read I first thought when they met, ‘oh no don’t screw the bf’! So glad that didn’t happen. 😆😎
Rae and Quinn are a force. Their antics and how they lived were not uncommon for someone in their mid twenties. How they were there for each other made me want Quinn’s story as this tale moved along. I’m sure it will be epic.
Rae gets dealt a crappy hand and at first I wanted to hurt everyone around her but Quinn for how mean they were. The author made me loathe her parents and I wanted to stand up for her and say ‘back off people!’ How she runs into Max is amusing and almost like fate twisting its hand.
Max was a great male for a romantic comedy. Honestly I was intrigued as to how the author would write him. Having read her other works, he came out perfect for this story and wasn’t like any of her other alpha males. His vulnerability made me swoon for him. They both had to take a slide and chance finding love.
The ending was very well done. It was the perfect happy for now.
This author stepped out of her normal genre and in my opinion blew it out of the park 🎉. This was a fantastic romantic comedy and a job well done by the author. I really hope she writes more because I’m wanting Quinn’s story.

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