Jeté for Love

So I’m a bit behind, but as I was rereading the lovely works of Layla, I realized I didn’t review this one. FOR SHAME! Seeing as I FLOVE ballet, how could I not get giddy over this novella. Now I will tell you there are many spoilers, so you should definitely read the Finding Harmony series first before you read this novella. (Don’t say I didn’t warn you) If you read it before hand, you will probably be lost and have lots of spoilers (said in River Song’s voice). My review is short, because that’s if I delved into the deliciousness of the story, you would have been spoiled with the plot. Before my review here are some favorite quotes from the novella:

“You’re a rare gem and I’m so glad that I have you.” ~ Drexel Walker

“Because even if I only get to love you for this one day, it will be more than worth it.” ~Drexel Walker

Well this novella was just sweet and steamy. It was romantic and made you swoon for the ‘bad boy’ Drexel as he heals his own heart by healing Autumn’s. I really don’t want to spoil this story so you need to read the Finding Harmony series IMO to fully appreciate this novella. You will find spoilers if you don’t. So go get her Finding Harmony series first.
This story will pirouette into your heart as love blossoms and grows. A beautifully done ballet of words by this author.

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