Dating Woes

Believe it or not, while I’m new to this blogging, reviewing, just general whatever gig, I pay attention when I get twitter followers. Since I’m not on FB (just don’t ask), I have resorted to honing in on my other social media funs (IG, Twitter, Snap) to keep me up with what’s happening out there. I also figure if anyone does enjoy my reviews, that maybe they will check out the book and help an author out. So when this author followed me, I figured I’d check out any books she had out. It was on KU and since I subscribe, I just hit download and began to read. Honestly I can’t wait to see what she comes out with for her debut romance novel. Plus the author writes about wine. I mean it’s like my fave beverage next to coffee 😆.

So this was a cute compilation of dates gone wrong. I enjoyed the stories and laughed at the disasters and was pleased to have it conclude with a win.
There were some issues with grammar and missing words which was confusing at times but not enough to miss out on the gist of the story. While the author is British, it is written that even (me being American) those not used to the terms can follow along with ease. It felt like character was with her girl friends recanting her tales while talking fast, with her hands, and a glass of wine 🍷😉. It made it very relatable but very quick. I finished this story in about 30 minutes.

So you can follow Poppy on her Twitter page:

Grab the book on Amazon here:


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