Court Defense

I am a HUGE MJ Fields fan. Seriously, if you haven’t read her works, check them out. The Steel series being my all time fave, but 27 Truths will gut you but you should read it, my truth is in there 😉. This is my first basketball romance (weird I know) and overall it was a really great read. There was some immaturity in the heroine when it began, but I remind myself that she’s 10 years younger than I am, so it might not be all that immature for her age 😆. My biggest struggle was I wanted more explanation and I know it’s hard as a writer to include everything, otherwise you’d have a book that’s LONG. That said, I just wanted a little more on the after Vegas and first game, it felt rushed.

Okay I am typing this and still struggling on what star rating to give. I FLOVE MJ’s work! Like seriously my kindle is full of her stories. I am saying this is a 4.5 for me but am rounding it up. Interestingly enough, this was my first basketball romance. I thought it was written well but I desperately wanted more of the rushed ending. It’s a happy at the point story and not sunshine and roses HEA which is totally cool. Where I struggled was how fast everything happened after Vegas. It moved so quickly but left me feeling like explanations were short on Courtney, Trae and their situation. It felt a little glossed over which is so not the norm for MJ’s books. And what about Christa? Man I hope we get a story for her. I felt like that subplot just stopped.
Courtney – her backstory was well covered and I liked how her memories floated through the novel and into her present life. She was a bit stuck up which at times really irked me. I really wanted to flick her nose….A LOT. The watch and memory behind it seemed like her coping mechanism to hide her vulnerability and insecurities. I loved how Trae pushed her outside of her comforts.
Trae – was a good guy. He had a backstory too and we found out some things that really make you swoon over the guy that he is and man he became. There were points where I found it confusing between Trae, Charlie and all the legality of things. I needed some more backstory I guess or just more explanation once that bomb was dropped how it all smoothed out by the end.
MJ flawlessly wrote their banter, bickering, and attraction. You could feel the heat as the sparks flew on and off the court. I really hope there will be a second in this story.

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