Wanting what’s wrong

So this is the first I’ve read of this author. It also appears to be her first release. I know those have got to be hard and nerve wracking (not from experience). I almost didn’t write a review on this. I like that most of the books I read (yes I’m a book snob) are 4-5 stars. Probably the main reason for that is I don’t branch out yet. I stick to my fave author peeps and one-click their stories like an addict. I’m not really sure how I found this book, but I KU’d it to read as the blurb sounded interesting. I am sad to say I wasn’t as impressed as I had hoped.

Okay so this is a little taboo because the female is almost half the age of the male. That doesn’t bother me because if you read the title you know going in what to expect😉.
I gave this a 3 because I tried but just couldn’t get into it. I felt like it was so choppy and once they came together it was lightening speed to get to the end and tie up loose ends. While all subplots and plots were closed up it was so quick and only took a couple of pages. I was disappointed by that. I also would’ve really liked this from Payne’s POV at some point. It seemed to be a little immature at times with Vie’s POV and I found myself rolling my eyes.
Vienna – newly graduated and her character portrayed her young fresh outlook. I felt like the author tried to make her not seem spoiled by some comments that she was grateful for what her Dad could provide. She also seemed to try too hard IMO on landing Payne. Once they hooked up it seemed like time flew quickly and it was over before it began.
Payne – you get a bit of backstory for him but not a lot. It would’ve been nice to have his POV on this whole engagement.
Vie’s Dad gave his opinion and it felt like the turmoil they had was brushed over quickly and resolved even more rapidly. It just was all too fast paced.
I should also mention this ends at 6% on my kindle. While I enjoy a fast read this was so fast it just felt like a waste. I didn’t read the others that were included as bonus reads.

I couldn’t find a link to the author’s website.

Grab the book:


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