Hate to love

Well Ryan Michele does it again. She wrote a hell of a short story. I love how her writing style is and this story was a fantastic short with so much packed in. I would have loved a novel out of it. The subplots and plots were followed through. The angst and emotions could be felt as I read the story. There was so much hate that was misdirected. One thing I enjoy about Ryan’s writing is how multifaceted she is (IMO). I found her on the MC reads but her non MC stories are just as riveting and they aren’t the same. She is able to put a new spin on every story she writes, I have yet to feel like it’s reading the same thing on repeat.

Well this was another quick by Ryan and it was an enjoyable short story. I’m not much of a fan for fighter romances but this one worked out well. For it being a short story, it focused on the main characters vs the fighter aspect of it.
Dakota (Kota) – I liked her a lot. For a short story she was well developed as a character. She was strong and a bad @$$. I liked how she hid her vulnerable side so that she wouldn’t come off as weak. She didn’t hold back unless it came to matters of her heart. Her stubbornness was what she needed to overcome.
Mateo (Teo) – he is such a smart @$$ and stubborn right along with Kota. He just needed to get out of his head long enough to admit the truth.
Watching them both overcome their weaknesses to be stronger together made the ending round a tie. The supporting characters were great for comedic relief, banter, and strength of this short story. If you haven’t read a Ryan Michele story check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

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