So, I’ve read some Jamie Garrett stories before and if you haven’t looked into her DARC Ops series I would recommend it. One thing I like about her stories is how she gets the details no matter how small in the story. This one was no different. You were given everything down to the difference in smells of a fire. She truly takes her work to another level by really immersing you in the world she wrote.

So I have read some of Jamie’s works before and was excited to pick up her newest release. It was really good I didn’t want it to end. I only had one stickler point that made this a 4.5 for me but I rounded up. I really wanted to know about Sloane and if it all came back. I also wondered if Mason fully confided in her. I feel like there is so much more behind the subplot of what made him a FF than we were told.
I felt like it was left at a happy for now point which I didn’t mind but I hope that we at least see whether her predicament changes or not in the second book. I do hope that there is a second book.
Sloane – had some really good internal dialogue throughout the story. I liked how her mind was at war with her gut and heart. I guess that’s why I feel cheated to know how she improves or doesn’t. Did she ever go back to see the shrink like suggested by the ED MD?
Mason – I also feel like there is more behind his history than we were told. I wanted to know when he told Sloane he understood when she was at war with all that’s happened and how she felt. What did he block out.
This was more thriller than romance. I was totally fine with that. It was a page turner and kept you guessing on what the bad guys were up to. I did not expect the reasoning behind why they attacked Sloane. It definitely had a lot of action and kept me turning the page to the end.

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