Dirty Play

So I’ve read a few from this author Amy Brent. They are some quick reads with instalust and in some stories instalove. This is her newest short release and it was good. There were some subplots that I’d wished were closed up, but overall I found it a cute read. I don’t want to spoil, you be the judge yourself, pick it up on KU for free.

So this cute short read will have sports romance fans enjoying the simple romance. It was a quick read with instalust turned love that results in a cozy HEA. I did want a bit more of the ending hoping some subplots were closed up better like with her job, and father. Aside from that is was a fun read that I enjoyed.
Sam is a hot shot on his way out. I actually was pissed at what transpired for him but loved the resolution he came to to make his own HEA. The character had a lot of flaws but finally it seemed grew out of them. I would’ve liked to have know how things fully ended to what he settled into.
Allie seemed like a smart young woman. I like that she wasn’t written as a naive thing and had moxie. She challenged Sam in more ways than one. My heart hurt for her at the position she was placed in. I really wanted to know what happened with her father and job as a result of the ending.
Overall this was a cute short read that will give you a good HEA feeling.

Find Amy Brent here:

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