Smoking hot

So I was back at reading a short steamy read by Ava Sterling. I am enjoying these snapshot stories (just made that one up…might not be original) that capture a couple at a certain point in time. Again I found it cute, but really wanted more. I was disappointed it ended. To me that means the author has some great potential because she kept me going and burning for more. So without further delay:

This was another very cute short read. It just took a snapshot of the couples initial meeting and attraction. I found myself definitely wanting more of this story.
Liam comes off as the firefighter everyone wants to have and he sets his sights on Abby. She is the total opposite and saved herself until the right one came along. Watching the slow embers burn into flames when they get together was steamy.
Overall a good read but it is just a snapshot story. There is a conclusion but it’s not a full blown HEA.

Check Ava Sterling out here:

Grab the book:


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