LM – My buddy

So I’m working on my book reviews for the three newbies I’ve read. In the meantime I felt the need to share some LM funnies.

The other day while we were driving home from school he whispers to me. Mind you we are the only two in the car with VeggieTales blasting about the hairbrush.
LM (whispering): Mommy you get to come to my wedding to A when I’m older.
Me: Well thanks sweetie
LM (still whispering): That’s where I get married (matter of factly).
Me: I know that baby
LM: but it’s only when we’re older and don’t tell anyone it’s a secret.

I just chuckled because he is too funny sometimes.

Then we had his check up. I told him we had to go to the doctor, and he asked if there would be shots. I said yes, but they will be quick and won’t hurt afterwards. He had to get 4 shots. Leaving he is sucking on a lemon sucker:
LM: You lied to me
Me: About…..
LM: Those shots still hurt!
Me: Sorry bud, it will feel better soon.
LM: Right…..

Hope this makes you chuckle like it did me.

peace out girl scouts


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