Your Hue

As I’m sitting here on this cold day, trying to accomplish 8 hours of work in 5, I’m struggling. We had a staff meeting and then a business lunch. Needless to say 4 hours of my 8 hour day were tied to networking and not really work.

So, since my mind is cluttered, I sat here listening to my music and Jason Mraz – I won’t give up starts. The lyrics hit me to a point that I started to think, I won’t give up on me. So as I was thinking this and belting the lyrics in my mind, psycho pass popped in there. (Already warned you I was an odd ball)
Psycho Pass was an anime that a friend said “You have got to watch this” and so I did. It was very well done and has jumped to one of my faves of all time (up there with SM & FMA). This got me thinking how my hue would be today. I can tell you it would be on the melancholy side and I would be flagged for treatment šŸ˜‰. Don’t worry, I’d be happier on the flip side.In the interest of this epically done anime, if you haven’t seen it, check it out.

While we all have the things we don’t enjoy about our work, I find my struggle with the things I can’t control to drive me over the edge. My mind has more often needed a mental tuning. Which leads me to turn to the books that can provide it. Sometimes my mental tuning is needed by a deeper read, and sometimes that read needs to be fluid and smooth with no bumps along the way. Whichever you decide adjust your senses and mentally tune to control your hue.


peace out girl scouts


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