Sweet Ride

Okay so I have read a TON of Alexa Riley stories. I really like to read them in between different novels that I have going on. This MC series they wrote is just too sweet to ignore. I love how it isn’t your typical MC and it suits their style of writing perfectly. There is no cheating and it is all HEA sweetness. If you are looking for typical MC, then this won’t be up your alley. BUT if you love strong men who love their women without the drama of an MC then this is for you!

Pulling her trigger –
Okay so this is quick and instalove. You have to be in the mood and like them to like this one. It is also VERY different from other MC books. If you are looking for traditional MC then you might want to read elsewhere. I greatly enjoyed this story. Casper was a great character. She is super strong and a perfect bada$$ female. Vincent is definitely your alpha male but how he loves her is strong but not breaking of who she is. The story had a good plot and arc. It closed up loops and moved on with a happily ever for now. It was instalove but not the whole claim of wedding and babies.

Beauty and the Biker –

I loved the second story in this series. It was just as quick as the first and was just as good. My heart broke and I wanted to yell at my kindle. Abe – yeah he’s such a man and one I wanted to smack over the head so much. He made me so mad. Julie – is as cute as can be. She became so strong as time went one. Even though it’s short and quick it’s a great read with lots of hot love.Just like the first it is instalove and not your typical MC at all. That said it was still a great read!

Letting Her Lead –

This story had me smiling and laughing. Ham is just perfect. Izzy and her being a nerd was great. I love how she interacted with Scribe and was giggling myself. Lucias is a strong Pres and knows what he wants. I like how we found out more about what he did for the MC and how it works. Another great quick read!

Pulling his Trigger –

I’m so glad we got this little story. It continued Casper and Vincent and was perfect. I’m loving all things Alexa Riley and her short stories. If you are looking for a quick, fun, loving read then I highly recommend this book and the series. Love every minute of it.

Riding Him –

So this was a great ending to a perfect little series. It is definitely different than any MC you will read but is such a good series of instalove. The author did such a great job of developing the characters in such a short story. They all evolved over time and we got to have a nice conclusion. Knox is great and the quiet strong type. He was written well. Violet is perfect. I really like how she came about and just threw Knox for a loop.

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