Home the long way

I haven’t had a chance to discuss this series yet and if you haven’t met L. Wilder and the Devil Chaser’s MC or the Satan’s Fury MC, then you are MISSING OUT! This is the newest in line for the Devil Chaser’s. I loved every minute of reading this story. I strongly recommend you read the whole series. You will fall in love with Courtney, Crack Nut and all of them. Can I say THANK YOU to L. Wilder for saying what happened to Cindy πŸ˜†. I always wondered LOL. Anywhoo…here is my review:

I was giddy with excitement when I heard about this release. It took me a while to get to it on my list but it didn’t disappoint in the least. They say things are worth waiting for and Gavin and Sunny’s story was no different.
I loved that we got to see Sunny again. I loved meeting her in Maverick’s story. That said way to take my heart out! 😳 I was reading and reading and was like oh no, oh no, no, no, no! But what a strong character. She found the light in herself and everything fell in place as it should’ve for her. Sunny was written in a great way for being younger than most of the other ladies in the MC.
It was so great to get Gavin’s story. We already had a good background of him from Maverick’s story (if you haven’t read it, DO IT) 😊😬 and this just expanded upon it. I liked how he waited and was there. Ever present but never pushing. He was a pillar of strength Sunny didn’t know she needed.
It was another great read to continue the MC.
****it does end around 50% through and then you get Maverick’s as a bonus. I have been a fan and had already read it but if you haven’t then there’s your chance πŸ˜‰

Meet L. Wilder here:

Grab the book:


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