Because in all honestly how can you not want to scream that book title LOL. While there were times I did want to scream that in this short story it was definitely at the unsavory female Greer was tied to. This was a short story and I finished it in less than an hour. If you are looking for a quick read, check it out.

Fantastic trucking story

So this is a short quick read. It can be finished in about an hour. I really enjoyed this quick fun read. Chelsea packed a ton into in the short time. She managed to hit the back story and future in a way that you honestly didn’t want it to end.
Greer – what a good man. He was a well rounded character and valued family above all else. The selflessness to which he went to no ends for Kylie was heart warming. Who wouldn’t love a man like that.
Lia – such a gentle heart. I like how she handled herself through the whole situation. She didn’t once take away from Kylie and instead gave her so much.
Kylie – what a wonderfully written teenage girl. Yeah dirt may have been in my eye when her and Lia spoke. Their strength was felt in this short sweet story.
Becky – yeah she can take a nap in a pile of poo

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