Ruthless Love

Ryan and Chelsea are two of my fave authors. I found them on a whim and have tried to devour all that they have written. If you haven’t read them before check them out! This is a new collaboration between the two and it is a great series so far. This is the second in line. You don’t NEED to read the first to know what’s going on in this story, but I would still recommend it.

I love these two Authors

They are my fave and when they collaborate together I think great things just spout out with unicorns proofing glitter.
This is the second in the series and it was very well done. I liked how the story picked up and flowed in the timeline. I did miss out some on when they were together before but not enough to detract me from
The story or 5 star review. You could use your imagination as a reader to work out their teenage relationship. Given what DJ had to go through, I feel it was probably better for their communication issues.
Andrea – what a great job by the authors writing a character such as her. Her backstory was palpable you could feel it in your bones. Her struggles to just be were heart wrenching and warming at the same time. The fact that she fought for everything for herself to be stable made her a heroine I immediately loved.
Shamus – well he is the rough gruff man with a heart of gold for his kitten. Everything he did in actions not even words was deep and genuine. You could feel it in your bones the love he has for Andrea. He just swooped in and even with her disability made her feel like she was the only treasure worth living for.
Okay so these are novellas and it is a quick love for reuniting but not so out of the realm of believability. They were already in love once before and time just got in the way along with some miscommunication.
Cannot wait for the third in the series!!

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