Little Red say Black

Okay so I like Celia’s works as an author. There are only a few that she has written that are just too outside of my comfort zone for me (mainly the Acquisition series) but the rest I have thoroughly enjoyed reading. Most of the stories I’ve read have been HEA’s that are quick love and mushy gushy. Which I’m fine with. I go in knowing that’s what I’ll read so I look at it with a different frame of mind.
Blackwood…well that’s a whole other ball game. WOW, this suspense romance was very well done. I loved the mystery aspect of it and the clues she dropped throughout the story. Mysteries are my fave non romance reads so it’s great when the romance can be thrown in 😉. I did not expect the outcome of this story. I had my suspicions on who was involved but didn’t expect the full outcome. So, don your pea coat and go for a run:

I can’t even formulate a review for this. This is the first of Celia’s that I’ve read that was a suspense and not fun HEA. It was fantastically done. I had my suspicions as to who I thought was responsible but never did I imagine the outcome. It was truly well written and a page turner right up to the end.
Elise (Red) – wGrab ell if she isn’t little red riding hood I don’t know who is. She is so strong willed yet has this quality that makes her vulnerable. I loved how her brain worked throughout the story and the logic behind her theories. Also her determination to overcome and be with Garrett fully was great.
Garrett – what a mystery man. I think for the first 3/4’s of the book I was iffy on my feelings for him.
The professor – yeah he was on my list. I’ll be the first to say I definitely didn’t like him.
This story takes you through so many suspenseful moments and torments your mind as you try to figure out what happened to her Dad. The answers will leave you reeling and shocked.
I also really liked how this wasn’t a flower and sunshine HEA. It ended perfectly for Garrett and Red.
***there was a free book at the front of mine. Kicked – definitely read it. It is total opposite of this story but was so cute and full of a good HEA.
***there is a bonus book at 54% after Blackwood. I tried getting into it but in all honesty it was too warped and twisted for me. Not my thing but hey read it and you might like it.

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