Get Branded

So I’m a big fan of Ryan’s work. By now you will have noticed that my selection of stories I read varies. In all honesty I get tired of the same genre and always look for fun reads. When Ryan noted that she was releasing this short story, I knew I’d have to get on board and add it to my TBR list. I’m a little late to the game but enjoyed this short none the less. When I read a short story, I tend to analyze and critique it differently than I would a novel or a series. That’s because I try to keep an open mind and take it at face value. This was a short, quick love, that was a little taboo 🙊. If taboo things scare you, then you might skip half of my read section on GR 😉.

Well Ryan can definitely make you fan yourself. This short story was hot and so wrong but so right! After reading her other stories I was interested to see how a short by her would pan out. I was not disappointed, far from it, I actually really wanted more from these characters.
Emma – she is a fresh, young girl that knows what her heart wants. She was rejected in such a hurtful way that she didn’t know how to overcome it. Even though it was short we got a good handle on her personality and back story.
Grady – well men don’t really change making dumb choices no matter their age. It is almost palpable the struggle he goes through. When he finally succumbs to the realization that he has to have Emma it’s explosive.
A very well done short story and if you are a Ryan fan, you’ll enjoy this one.
I’ll put the disclaimer out there if you don’t like big age gaps then this isn’t for you. There’s nothing illegal but it is a big gap. Age is just a number and love doesn’t know age it just knows hearts and souls.

Find Ryan and her awesome stories here:

Find the story here:


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