Eye for the Six Pack

So I fell into this author as she reached out to me on GR. BOY have I missed her! I was so excited to see the email pop in my inbox that she had her third story out. This last story took the cake for me. It was fantastically done and I enjoyed the dynamics and conclusion. She did a great job of leading up to a climax that will leave you breathless. If you like shifter romance reads then I HIGHLY recommend you check out this author.

💜💖😳😱😊😍 I just had to express it in an emoji! WHAT A STORY! Okay I’ll calm down. I have been waiting for this! I was so happy when my stalking abilities paid off to say a conclusion to the series was out.
The author did a fantastic job in my opinion of closing the loop on so many open plots. She didn’t leave you hanging at all and did leave it open that there could be more in the future for the six pack.
Chase – I missed his smirk and whit. He really grew as the story progressed and my heart was in my throat throughout a majority of the story.
Alana – what a perfectly well written heroine. She came out of nowhere and just crashed into the pages of the story kicking butt and taking names. How she handled Chase made me all mushy inside.
I don’t want to spoil but if you want to know what happened with such an ending from the second, you need to read this story! It just blew me away and I devoured every word. Liza OMG I was so happy! I was jumping up and down and screaming YES on the inside.
I have to put as an aside I really felt the author has grown exponentially throughout this series. The first was eh for me to read but the author’s way to weave a story improved in the second of the series. Then this, the completion of it, just blew me away! I cannot wait to see what she writes next and feel like she is an up and coming force to be recognized.

Find Thanika Hearth here:

Grab the book here:


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