Don’t Melt

I read this adorably sweet short story over the weekend. If you haven’t checked out Deborah Bladon’s stories, and HEA romances are your thing, then I definitely think you need to look her up. My review of Melt is below.

So Deborah is a fave author of mine. I enjoy the world she creates and just don’t ever want to leave.
Yet again she did not disappoint. This was much shorter than her other stories but covered all the plots and issues that arose as Lark and Ryker’s story came to be.
Some faves from previous stories make appearances even though it was quick.
Lark – I liked how she was written and developed as the story grew. She has some insecurities and vulnerabilities that, to me, make her seem genuine and real. She swoons in secret over her boss but gets a chance to act.
Ryker – is a male that thinks the way to forget someone is get under another. It was interesting to see things from his pov as he realizes what an idiot he was for an entire year. He finally grows a set and mans up to take Lark as his own.
Overall it was a nice short story. What this and her previous story Risk have me antsy for is Crew’s story! Can’t wait for that one.

Deborah Bladon’s website is:

Find Melt on Amazon here:


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