A Banana, Penguin, and Ladybug

Do I have your attention? I’m sure you’re wondering what could these things possibly have in common. Well if you have ever stepped foot in Sterling Shore you would know. This series is a romantic comedy with some dramatic suspense. I found these because my friend, same one to introduce Sasha to me (see previous post), messaged me laughing about a banana. She sent me a screen shot and the rest was history. I quickly read the first 6 in the series so I could catch up before the release of the banana story. Needless to say, I was hooked from the very beginning. CM Owens did a phenomenal job of writing unique stories for each of the main characters she’s created in Sterling Shore. I was worried after so many (there are 9 and counting) that the story would be repetitive or old news. Well I was proven wrong on so many levels. Each story focuses on one couple and their struggle to get their happy for now. All of them make appearances (some more/some less) throughout the 9 books. I have yet to find a storyline that has been repeated in this series and they just keep getting better.

In the beginning you will get Hooked on the Game with Raya and Kade. I have to say 1.5 Novella of Kade’s view is a fave of mine. Following that you will be Tagged and Ashed with a mermaid and champagne. Once we get to the end, we meet the entire Sterling clan. Their stories unravel from there when the leader (much to Corbin’s dismay) Dane stalks Rain. Tria and Kode is a story that just moved me (I’d say this is my fave but they all are). I couldn’t get enough of their story, so many truths, and emotions. Then we get to Brin and Rye breaking even on each other. It takes blue moon to a whole new level. We also meet some new characters that add to the humor and delight of the series. This leads us to the banana…and well once Bella comes crashing in on Allie and Wren’s story you will never be the same. The banana might come out your nose…..
Allie and Wren made me like Wren. I think he was my least favorite lead in this series until this story. It definitely redeemed him in my eyes. Since Corbin didn’t like that he wasn’t first to woo his mate, he gets his turn triple daring Ruby to no end. There was a slight issue with a ladybug and Corbin but I’ll let you read to find out what happened.
This is another tale that will leaving you laughing until it yanks your heart out. Blue and red roses never looked so differently until this story. I really wanted to kill Corbin in this. After Corbin and Ruby handle their drama we move to the Identical Disaster that is Bo and Jax. This was such a touching story. Bo was a character unlike one you’ve read about before. I was rooting for her the whole way. I just wanted her to save the penguins from the fire crotch (read it and laugh).

So far the last to be released is Bella’s tale. While the angry kitty has something to say in this tale,
I found this one to tug on the heart strings too. Ethan and Bella crashed in on each other and bulldozed into craziness.

I really enjoyed CM’s romcom and I hope you will check it out. Each character has a unique personality. Just like real people, no two in this story are alike. You will laugh, maybe cry (from laughing), and just overall enjoy this series.

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