Knowledge of Self

I told you there would be random clutter. You see as I’m reading a romcom series I FLOVE (I’ll cover it soon in the reviews) I’m reflecting on myself and living in my imaginary world. You see, I’m a Pisces through and through. No matter how many times they “allegedly” change the zodiac, my nature as a Pisces won’t. I’m also a little on the introverted side, though you meet me in person, you’d beg to differ.  I also happen to be INFJ on the MBTI scale. What does that mean….well it means I’m a walking contradiction. HAHA

I will be honest. I live in my head. I think that’s why I love authors and stories so much. A great author for me allows their story to come alive in my head. I will vividly dream about the worlds they created and often write my own stories in my head. I have several that live there and play out like they are the real world. The only one I’m glad stopped was The Hunger Games. 2 Months postpartum, I read that trilogy and let me tell you, the dreams that formed that night were SO VIVID! I was happy to find some romantic stories after that LOL.


So again, I’m just rambling but I found that reflecting on myself, the need to focus on the happiness that starts from within and is emitted out to the world. I always marvel at the authors that can have me feeling happiness within a few sentences. By the end of their stories, I’m ready to reread and fall in love all over again. Ballet does the same thing for me. It exudes a happiness from the depths of my soul that won’t be snuffed out. I start 2017 three months behind on dancing. I have missed that once a week class and find myself longing and yearning for it. If the adult world wouldn’t be in my way, I’d be dancing every day of the week. Needless to say, bills need paid, and I can’t get by on my fantasy. Maybe one day. You see my dream would be to be able to dance every day and to have a store to sell dance necessities locally. It’s a lot of work, but if it’s fun, then it’s not really work is it?

I think my first intro into the fantasy world from a television standpoint would have to be sailor moon. I found that original DIC creation on one of the 8 stations I had growing up. You read that right, no cable, no internet…HOW DID YOU SURVIVE you ask…simple, my imagination carried me away. That is one of the things I love about my current set up. LM has no idea about internet, social media, how to use an iPad (he doesn’t even have one of his own), or what is popular on TV. Instead he plays in dirt with a cement mixer and is growing an imagination that will rival mine one day….I digressed again….
Back to sailor moon. This was my first look at magic and things that could be. It also gave me a glimpse at imperfections and how even the biggest cry baby can go off and save the world. I actually own this shirt, but it’s fitting for my INFJ Piscean personality.

So, can you handle my clutter and my Serena when I’m having a cry baby moment? If so, then stick around to see my greatness of Sailor Moon.

I will leave you with this:

Peace out girl scouts…..


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