So I thought today I’d post about a MC series I fell in love with. I know, I know, you’re probably thinking she says she falls in love with a lot of books that can’t be right. Well I’m here to type it is true. I love so many different books for so many different reasons. Each has a unique pull to me and if you suck me into your world as an author, chances are I will love it every step of the way but I digress…..

Bink Cummings came to me from an Amazon recommendation. I downloaded the first story and I was hooked! It was unlike the other MC’s I had read at the time (I’ll post about those later, they rocked too). She has this way of writing that I just can’t explain. It’s uniquely her and in an epic way. I’ve never experienced an author that makes the words flow like she does.
So here’s the skinny (I know bad catch phrase but hey, it’s funny) on some of her reads. The MC Chronicles have 4 books and I personally suggest you start there. It’s the foundation for a lot of characters and really gives you a taste at her writing. Put your ereader in a shatterproof case peeps because you will want to kill someone (or bash them on the head) while reading. Then you have Beyond Her Words and Beyond Christmas. These were very different but similar to the chronicles. It’s new characters, with some old thrown in, and a story that will have you rooting for the H/h. This is followed by His Boy (a M/M story that was very well done and was only my second read in that genre), Hopelessly Shattered (Cliffy but worth the read as always), and finally Nowhere (things will combust while reading….it’s HOT).

So without spoiling, you can read my reviews from the link below. I don’t spoil in my reviews, so go in knowing you will see an honest review with no spoilers (said in River Song’s voice).

Check her out here:


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