Musings of a Rainy Day

It is pouring rain here. We are in January and would there be snow, possibly elsewhere but not here. You see here we are at a psycho place of Mother Nature. It was over 60 degrees last week one day and now it’s pouring. When it rains like this there are three things I love; my bed, a good book, and barre. While the first two are explanatory, you might be reading this going a barre….really. To me there is nothing like warming up and doing barre when it’s raining. It feeds my soul and wakes my body. While I long for the days of 8am barre again, I have to settle for wishful thinking and sitting awkwardly while at work. You see if you’ve ever danced before or know a dancer, I’m sure they will sit in weird positions, move CONSTANTLY, and just look uncomfortable sometimes. To dancers though, this is the most comfortable thing to do.

So I felt the need to share some of the memes I found funny. Obviously I’m not a dude so the bottom is not me, but it is how I enjoy reading when I can. Most of the time I’m sitting like a pretzel with my legs all folded under and around me to read.

If it’s raining where you’re at I hope you stay dry. Nothing worse than wet cold feet and shoes when it’s raining.

peace out girl scouts


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