Guitar Face

Okay so this series was thrusted upon me by a friend. I first found Sasha, DAF Goddess, and her Guitar Face story. Little did I know that my (ex) friend (j/k I love her) had given me a book that would yank out my heart with a rusted spoon, put it in a blender, and dump it on the ground. All that said, I FREAKING LOVED IT!

This series (5 books in all) were a game changer. They really stick with you and have a way of making you feel (even when you don’t want to). If you like raw, gritty, real, stories then this is for you. I will do the disclaimer, there is drugs, sex, and life in here. Don’t read if you are offended. The way Sasha takes you to a HEA will live with you well beyond the ending. I have often wanted to reread but the damn feels……


If you’ve read down this far, then check out the DAF Goddesses website:

My reviews on GR:✓


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